The issue of operational delayed many oil filed in oil and gas upstream environment Nigeria reaches the climax as COVID-19 pandemic and the necessary lockdowns are in gradually in progress. Nigeria that is popularly known as the giant of African, suddenly realizes its handicap in slow of production in many oil facility f due to the nation’s inability to control or manage the covid-19 challenges.

As a result of many lockdown to curtail the spread of coronavirus disease becomes ineffective in Nigeria due to hunger and poor supply of personnel to the offshore regions.

This study employs simple statistical methods such as simple percentages, tables, charts, regression analysis and graphs to highlight the stunted growth of production in the upstream oil and gas industry in Nigeria and why it is almost impossible for the inhabitants to cope with the scourge of hunger following the compulsory lockdown necessitated by COVID-19 pandemic.

The study employs time-series data that cover a period from 2010 to 2020 that most oil the operator in the sector had serious financial issues to improved the operational activities in the market.


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