Reefer ro-ro cargo ship THORN1 was disabled after engine failure and blackout on Jul 2 in Gulf of Aden NE of Djibouti, while en route from Suez to Alang, where she’s to be dismantled. The ship anchored to prevent drift, later she was local salvage or tug service towed THORN1 to Djibouti anchorage, where she remains anchored as of Jul 16. All the equipment and mechanisms on board are either inoperable or in very poor condition, fuel said to run out, 11 crew have to live without conditioner and refrigerator. One of mostly Ukrainian crew suffered cerebral thrombosis and died, two managed to leave the ship, to be repatriated to Ukraine. The ship was renamed and re-flagged in Jun 2021, according to AIS records


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