The state logistics group Transnet said in a statement that force majeure had been declared on the NATCOR rail line and it suspended the operations of the country’s ports and terminals.

The company cited concerns for the safety of their employees and inability to travel safely in the cities. It added that it was deploying all available resources to avert commercial fuel operations being affected, after being served with a force majeure notice by the SAPREF refinery.

International media reported violent protests, deaths of protesters and numerous arrests. 

South African media is also reported that Shell and BP South African Petroleum Refineries have also declared a force majeure. The operations reportedly are responsible for 35% of South Africa’s refinery capacity.

Two weeks ago, before the latest rounds of violence, mining giant Rio Tinto also declared a force majeure on customer contracts at its Richards Bay Minerals project. At the time, they cited “an escalation in the security situation at the operations.”


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