Nord Stream 2’s German subsidiary Gas For Europe will appoint a new chairman of its supervisory board at its next meeting, after Dieter Haller resigned from the position following an intervention by the German foreign ministry.

Dieter Haller, a retired diplomat, had previously been listed as chairman of Gas For Europe’s supervisory board, but today submitted his resignation from the post to parent company Nord Stream 2.

Germany’s foreign ministry last week informed Haller that he was not allowed to join the board since it “would adversely affect official interests”, it said.

Nord Stream 2 has now appointed Michael G Feist and Dr Wolfgang Peters as new members of the supervisory board, and the board will decide on the chairmanship at its next meeting, the company told Argus.

Alongside these two on the board are Elena Burmistrova, deputy chairman of the board of Gazprom and general director of Gazprom Export, and Paul Corcoran, financial director of Nord Stream 2.

The 55bn m³/yr Nord Stream 2 pipeline still faces several obstacles before it can begin commercial operations. The pipeline could be included in a package of potential sanctions if Russia decides on military action against Ukraine, German foreign minister Annalena Baerbock said on 27 January. The German subsidiary’s application to be approved as the pipeline’s operator must also still be approved by German regulator Bnetza, which is waiting for the submission of all relevant documents before proceeding with the certification process. Bnetza is then obliged to notify the European Commission and consider its opinion. “A conclusion in the first half of this year is hardly possible.


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