Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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DAY TWO Tuesday 8, March 2022

12 noon 


12:10 pm

Arrival & Introduction of Stakeholders, Sponsors and Speakers

12:25 pm  

Welcome Opening by Organizer

12:40 pm

Keynote Opening Address

Short –Mid terms plans for Climate Change in Nigeria – Sustainability and Finance

A .Malah Umar, Ph.D

Director, Energy Commission of Nigeria,

01:60 pm

Special Keynote Address

Digital Climate change Management –Current situation and financial implication

Arvy K.Nahar

Director, Energy operation
African Leadership Group

 02:30 pm 

Planery Keynote 

Investing in the clean energy transition and industry’s transformation to close the air pollution gap

Engr. Prof. Eli Jidere Bala

Director-General, Energy Commission of Nigeria

 03:10 pm 

Keynote Address

The role of energy Industry Leaders in sustaining climate change and Decarbonization in Africa –Nigeria in Focus

Panel Chair:

Dr Austin Tam-George

Director, Cooperate Affairs Jagal Group

Akano Oluwasola

Senior Business Development Manger-Oil & Gas Aggreko

03:25 pm 

Questions & Answers 

03:40 pm 

Keynote Address

Climate change management and risk

04:10 pm 

Keynote Address

Roles of climate change division in Nigeria in supporting CO2 and environmental deforestation mitigation

04:30 pm 

Questions & Answers

04:30 pm 

Closing Remarks