Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Offshoretrade Media is an Independent Leading provider of Energy Commodities Market information, News and Data for Natural Gas, LNG, Upstream Oil, Maritime & Shipping industries with combined information, Analytics and Expertise to provide solutions within African regions. We help industry leaders see why things happen in the sector and what should be done to help in decision making.

Our solutions in energy market starting from market insights, research, and data analysis and consulting services relied upon our daily market research and reports with our team of analysts who have a deep understanding of commodity markets and strategic methodologies used in each projects


Offshoretrade Media’s work is directly focused on upstream Oil Market, Natural Gas and Maritime Industries in global market .Our aim is to generate consistent sustainable value for shareholders and maintain positive, long-term relationships with customers in the market based on the ideas and contributions of our colleagues, our culture, brands, customer and partners relationships, financial capital and infrastructure to deliver products, services and outcomes at all times.

Offshoretrade Media’s values is to provides with foundational structure and management strategy for all our goals, policies and actions in our interactions with Client, Colleagues, Suppliers, Government Agencies and Research Institution Globally.


Offshoretrade Media’s Mission and Vision is to be the trusted and reliable energy data information services provider in African regions.


We collect, analyze, interpret and collaborate with full market information experts with specialists who are highly relevant, quality, and trusted knowledge to support the market leaders. Offshoretrade’s leading brands and expert teams deliver upstream Oil market data, consulting, and advisory services to the oil and gas sector.


Offshoretrade Media Governance and internal oversight structures, policies and working practices are designed and operated to ensure that our business follows best industry practice in line with the local content compliance Act .The dedicated Compliance Lead exercises oversight of the global compliance framework and embeds the compliance culture.

Offshoretrade Media Governance and Compliance structures and processes currently cover:

⦁ Complaint Handling
⦁ Employee Training
⦁ Price Policies
⦁ Data Security
⦁ Critical industry information management
⦁ Corporate structure and governance
⦁ Leadership and Management policies
⦁ Local content reviewed and best practices