Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Upstream Oil & Gas Market

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What We Provide

Offshoretrade Media hydrocarbon analysis data helps Clients to understand the market trends with focus on key solutions, oil pricing and data analysis relied upon our daily market research and reports and our team of analysts who have a deep understanding of commodity markets and optimize investments with a clear vision of future scenarios and investment decision specifically for upstream oil companies.

Solutions For You

We deliver a wide range of advisory services within the upstream sector for executive boards, management and commercial and technical teams. Clients are seeking qualified independent guidance in relation to upstream opportunities. This includes customers within E&Ps, oilfield and new energy services, midstream and downstream, government agencies and investors. Examples of advisory which includes:

Who We Are

  • Data helps clients to understand the investment time frame in each fields
  • Contractors selections in each project phase
  • Full Analysis of the Asset and well .production value chain management

  • Exploration and production history in each field
  • Analysis of government interest and participation in campaign
  • Benchmarking operational excellence and best practices
  • Technical and commercial due diligence and valuation of assets Technical partners’ resources evaluation.
  • Understanding the oilfield services market for cost estimation and optimal timing of contracts
  • Price forecasting for global oil market hubs
  • Future selection of the field contractor.
  • Get insight into oil and gas mergers and acquisitions
  • Manage cost reductions and product gains create value
  • Upstream Oil Market Report – monthly insights on recent development in the African E&P Market
  • Insights Report – two times in a week for offshore and onshore commentaries on market activity