Friday, January 21, 2022
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Financing Gas Infrastructure for Power Generation in Nigeria

Energy laws Reviews, Power and Infrastructure, Oil and Gas

DECEMBER 21, 2021



Join Offshoretrade and industry leaders at the 2021 Gas financing infrastructure webinar where we’ll discuss new technology financing Gas market for power generation in Nigeria , market disrupters, the role of voluntary carbon markets, what’s next for nuclear energy, private-public sector cooperation on the path towards sustainable power generation

Key topics we’ll cover:

  • What to do with all the Gasses in Nigeria?
  • Power -Gas policy market analysis in Nigeria
  • Commercializing the Gas Market-Does and Don’t
  • Fueling the Gas Future in Nigeria
  • Financing gas infrastructure for power generation
  • Natural gas –The Energy that makes a different
  • Lesson from project management in major Gas projects
  • Gas development potential in offshore Nigeria
  • Gas –Power Infrastructure-How transparent is the legal frame work?
  • Solutions for stranded Gas in Nigeria
  • Legal frame work in Gas monetization and reserves

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