Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Gas Market Outlook -What to do with all the Gases in Nigeria ?

MARCH 23, 2022
2:00 PM



In today’s market, 65% of Nigeria’s electricity is generated using gas infrastructure. While gas will continue to be a fuel for Nigerian market in the future, the Nigeria government recently announced the electricity shift plans and tariff increment which is a big issue to retailers and utilities consumersJoin us to discuss with key industry experts switch pathways for Nigeria’s energy transition and How will the Big Switch and Mass Electrification impact power stakeholders?

  • Key Considerations for Developing Energy Transition Projects south-south Regions
  • Investment Strategies to Bring Balance in power sector , Ensure Resilience in Renewable Projects, and Reduce Network Cost
  • Common Challenges – big Solutions: Lessons learned Nigeria Power sector
  • Accelerating Action to Deliver the Net-Zero Emissions Economy – Facing the Scalability Challenge
  •  Creating Attractive Market Conditions for Massive Climate Change Investment
  • How the Energy Transition will Impact the Energy and Power Investments in Nigeria