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Nigeria’s LPG Market – It’s Place in a Changing Nigeria world and Economy

Global LNG Market, Gas Market Analysis, Transportation and shipping

NOVEMBER 30, 2021
2 PM



The story of LNG, LPG and Hydrogen has never been more paramount. As new generation fuels which hold substantial promise for energy transition in Nigeria, LPG and Hydrogen are pivotal in Nigeria’s energy and clean market economy

Join us as we discuss with key industry experts the best pathways on LPG and LNG market in Nigeria as scheduled to hold on 21 October,2021 at 1pm WAT

Topics to be discussed:

  • Gas in the energy mix, in relation to coal, renewable and oil
  • New LNG import projects in the region
  • Market liberalization and policy updates
  • Potential for FSRUs and small-scale LNG projects
  • How the mature markets developing and what are are most important for the buyers?
  • Examine new demand growth centre
  • Strategies for suppliers to unlock new markets while managing risks
  • New LNG export projects: how will they evolve? More long-term contracts expected?
  • Global geopolitics, trade tensions and impact on energy security
  • Nigeria’s energy transition and How will the Big Switch and Mass Electrification impact power stakeholders?
  • Key Considerations for Developing Energy Transition
  • Investment Strategies to Bring Balance in power sector , Ensure Resilience in Renewable Projects, and Reduce Network Cost

Common Challenges – big Solutions: Lessons learned Nigeria LPG operators

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