Tuesday, October 4, 2022
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Nigeria’s Oil spills Pollution and Environmental Managements

MAY 13, 2022
11:00 AM



We are excited to announce that the Nigeria’s Oil spills Pollution and chemical water conference will be live virtual event to discuss the solution, planning, preparedness and responds in oil spill pollution, air pollution, climate changes management and water chemical environment in Nigeria. The event will bring together all responsible for prevention and response operation from African regions and beyond to hear the best practice and building a strong relationship, vital to a successful response in land and water spills and chemical environment.

Areas to be discussed

  • How to prepare ahead of time Against Oil Spill Pollution in shallow water Regions
  • Digital application for oil spills -Technology Era of a thing
    prevention- early 1990s and now
  • Operating oil companies preparedness towards oil spill pollution challenges


  • Challenges faced by the host oil spill Communities –company of things & perceptions
  • Impact of the new Digital age on pollution Management
  • Oil pollution the 1990’s and now – Government things
  • Opportunities to revolutionize digital oil pollutions
  • Oil spill cleanup experience -Geopolitical overviews